Monday, September 30, 2013

Nancy Album: Billie and Malinda

This photo, which has no date, is labeled Billie and Malinda. Whether this woman and bag are related to Nancy and family, or just friends I don't know. My guess is they might be friends as I believe this is the only photo labeled with these names. There are over 200 photos and the majority aren't labeled so it's possible there are other photos of them.  The lamp looks like mid 1950’s to me.

Nancy Album: 1950, 1952 Frank, Dougie, Peg, Floss

If you refer back to this POST as you look at these photos it might help tie these folks together.

This photo is labeled Frank and Peg.

On the back is the date June 4, 1950. I believe Frank is the brother of Nancy, and that Peg is their mother. On the back is the date June 4, 1950. I believe Frank is the brother of Nancy, and that Peg is their mother

The next photo is labeled Dougie and Floss. I believe Dougie is the older brother of Nancy and Frank/Frankie. I think Floss might be a grandmother. On the back it is labeled N.J. 11 - 1952.

Nancy Album: Wedding Photo: NJ

This is a card with a wedding photo on it, perhaps sent out to let people know of their new address. In handwriting it says Mr. & Mrs. C. N. Calhoun, Union Road R.D. #4, Millville, N.J. The photo was taken by Lorstan. I found a Lorstan Photography in Washington, D.C. In the 1940s, it was located at 1429 F St. and in the 1950s, their address moved to 1119 F St.  I believe there is another Lorstan in New Jersey also. Perhaps they had several studios on the east coast.

An Unwanted Album

Many years ago I bought an album on eBay that had belonged to a Navy Nurse. That was the reason I bought it. As a former Navy Nurse I really looked forward to returning the album. The photos were great, as she had served in WWII and the 1950's. It took a little searching to find her as she had married at some point so had a different last name. Sadly, as often happens, I found her obituary. But I was able to find adult children of her husband. I called one and was told in no uncertain terms they could care less about her,  her photos or the album. They had sold it at her estate sale. They didn't like their father's second wife and that was that. There are many other photos in the album and I will start posting them in a few weeks. 

If any of my albums end up on eBay I will haunt my children to their dying day.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Nancy Album: Laura Taylor Tombstone

This is a photo, taken on May 11, 1952 of a tombstone in Lawnside Cemetery, Salem County, New Jersey. The name on the tombstone is Laura R. Taylor, 1887 - 1945. Was she a family member or a friend of Nancy and Slater's? I will look for an obituary that might provide more information.

Nancy Album: Adams County,PA: Kime

This is a photo of a Miriam Kime who, per the back of the photo, lived at R.D. #1, Biglerville, PA. The photo appears to be taken in the late 1940's. Biglerville is in Adams County, PA, not too far from Gettysburg.

Nancy Album: Central PA: Slater

There are 4 photos of a middle aged woman named Slater in this collection. I suppose it could possibly be a last name but each photo has Slater written on it. One photo was taken in Atlantic City. There are no dates provided.

Nancy Album: Central PA: More Photos of Nancy

The family photo has a list of names on the back, and is dated 1952: Pop, Virginia, Aunt Lizzie, Frankie, Floss, Dean or Dear, Nancy, Douglas.

The photo taken on the front steps shows a house number of 1029. I assume Dougie and Frankie are Nancy's brothers.

The school photo has no date. I would guess Nancy is in first or second grade.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Nancy Album: Central PA: Photos of Nancy

I bought a new set of photos on eBay this past week. There are over 200 photos in the collection. I have purchased from this eBay seller previously. She obtains her photos from cleaning out houses in Berks and Lancaster counties in PA. Sometimes she also gets collections from the Philadelphia area.

I've decided when posting photos from the same collection the subject line needs to start out the same. The majority of the photos in this collection are not labeled. There are several photos of a girl named Nancy so I am calling this collection the Nancy Album. All entries that start with the Nancy Album come from the same collection.

I believe there is probably a connection between this set and another set I have. I've only posted one entry so far from that other set, you can read it here. Both collections have the same funeral card for a John F. Wallace, dob October 30, 1926, died March 7, 1989; internment in Muncy, PA. 

I will first post Nancy's photos, in two different entries. Then I'll move on to other photos with names before I start posting unlabeled ones. None of these photos include a date. They look to be late 1940's.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Ruth Hanson: Photo Returned to Family

I’m happy to report that one of my photos has been identified. I posted 4 senior photos I had found at an antique store in St. Paul, MN. One photo included a full name, Ruth Hanson. Jessica Bies, a reporter for the St. Peter Herald in St. Peter, MN did a story on my blog and the photos. The story was also reported in the Minnesota River Valley Shopper. Ellis Jones, a retired Gustavus professor, saw the story and photos. He recognized the name Ruth Hanson so sent the paper to Ann McGovern in Northfield, Mn, asking if this Ruth Hanson was her mother. Sure enough, she was. I’m happy to report I’ve sent the photo to Ann.

Ruth Hanson grew up in St. Peter, MN with 8 siblings. She graduated from Mankato State Teacher’s College. We think the photo is likely her college senior photo, not high school. She became a teacher and spent her life teaching children. She looks like such a kind person in her photo, I can imagine that school children loved her.

For Ruth Hanson and all who teach: “A teacher affects eternity; she can never tell where her influence stops.” 
( Henry Brooks Adam )

Sunday, September 15, 2013

King Family: Geo Pierce: John Wallace: Central PA

This photo comes from a collection I bought on eBay. The woman who had them listed gets them from houses she cleans out. They primarily come from Berks or Lancaster Counties in PA.

This photo is a fairly recent reprint (1982) of an old photo, probably turn of the century. It is labeled The King Family, Geo Pierce. In the same collection of photos was a funeral card of a John F. Wallace, dob October 30, 1926, died March 7, 1989; internment in Muncy, PA. So there may be a connection there.

1st Communion 1955:? Buffalo, NY: ? Iacoviello

These photos come from a group of 33 children's photos I bought on eBay. The photos were mailed from Buffalo, New York. There are several photo Christmas cards from an Iacoviello family, which I recognize as a Buffalo name. I lived in Buffalo in the 1960's. There were two sons in the Iacoviello family, Jackie and Jimmy. The parents were Josephine and John.

These 1st Communion photos are dated May 1955. There is no writing or names on the back of the photos. They may have been related to the Iacoviello family, or were friends. At first I thought the religious sister might be a Felician but I'm not sure. She is wearing a cape but it looks like her habit is white. 

Please leave a comment if you can identify the sister's order. That would narrow down the possible parishes this 1st Communion happened at.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

3 Children: Katz, Mine, Warner

Rather than making three separate entries for these random photos I'm putting them on the same page. They came from the same eBay Massachusetts collection mentioned previously. I don't know that there is any relationship between these 3 children or to others in the collection.

Dickie Katz, 10 months, March 1948

Chikara Mine

Howie Warner, Jr, 9 months, Sept 27, 1960

N. C. Webb, Probably 1930's

These three photos are from the eBay auction that came from a Massachusetts' dealer. Whether the photos were taken in MA or elsewhere is anyone's guess. The two smaller photos are labeled on the back, "N. C. W." the other photo is labeled N. C. Webb. I'm guessing the smaller photos were taken in the 1920's. He looks older in the 3rd photo so maybe the 1930's.

Boisserain 1961 Photo

I received a box of photos today I won in an ebay auction. The photos were sent from Massachusetts but that doesn't necessarily mean all the photos are from there. I will be posting the photos for the next several weeks. 

This photo does not seem to go with any of the rest in the collection, at least at first look. It's a photo of a toddler taken by Stanley J. Broskey Wedding Photography. In handwriting on the back it says Andrea Boisserain, Dec 1961.

As you can see she is a very cute little girl. I'd like to see the photo returned to her.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Air Force Base in Japan 1950's Kids on Bikes

There is a current eBay auction of 8 photos taken between 1950 - 1952 of children with their bicycles on an Air Force base in Japan. If you were a child who lived on an Air Force base in Japan at that time go look at these photos.


Peggy, Vernon Russell, Early 1950's, Likely Twins

Peggy & Vernon Russell

There is an eBay auction currently going on of six photos, one of which is labeled on the back: "Papa & Mama Dorie (or Donie, Donia), Peggy Russell, Vernon Russell". Bidding starts at $10, only 6 photos, too expensive for me but if someone knows twins (I presume) named Peggy and Vernon Russell they are definitely worth $10. The photos are in Texas, no idea of the original location. It would be great if the photos could be bid on and won by Peggy or Vernon, or someone who knows them.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Emerson Album: January 1933 Miami Beach

These 6 photos were taken on January 5, 1933 in Miami Beach. I was pleasantly surprised to find writing on the back, in addition to 2 names: a British Officer named Fred Habberley, and a boyfriend of Hilly's named Clifford Willingham. Those are not real common names so I'm hopeful of finding out more about them, and that might lead to finding out more about the owner of this album.
"And here's me with Cliffy. Isn't it a peach. My hair looks (?bum) on this one. Like the hole in my shoe."
"This is Hilly & her steady boyfriend, Clifford Willingham. Taken at the back of her cottage and mine also.  Nice &  (?hot).I'm sending you these pictures to put in your album, darling."
"This is a picture of a British Officer Fred Habberley, a very good friend of Hilly's and of course you know me & how! This was taken at Miami Beach, we all went down for the day."
Franny, Fred Habberley & I.Fred was showing me something which got in his eye.  But I could do no good at all.Won't I make a heck of a nurse."

"Hilly & Fred, looks very bashful, doesn't she?"

"And now for the 3 sisters. Not half bad, eh! We look like niggers & am I black, well I guess.Isn't it sweet of Hilly tho! "

Thursday, September 5, 2013

West Wyomissing 5th and 6th Grades Class of 1963

These two photos come from Rise Wagner's scrapbook. She was born the same year I was so they most likely would have graduated high school in 1963. There are no names noted.

5th Grade West Wyomissing Grade School 1955/56 most likely
6th Grade West Wyomissing Grade Schol, most likely 1956/57. It looks like one of the girls is wearing her Girl Scout uniform.
September 5, 2015: I still haven't had any responses to this so I am reposting hoping for replies. Spellcheck changed West Wyomissing to Wyoming so that might have caused problems but the term West Wyomissing is in the search terms and under the photos.

West Wyomissing, PA May Day 1956

These photos are labeled as being of May Day 1956, which was celebrated on May 26th. The previous day was Poppy Day, those two photos are posted in a previous blog entry. We always had our May Day celebration on May 1st. I wonder why this one was so late in May. Again, these photos are from Rise Wagner's album.

West Wyomissing Girl's Softball

There is nothing on this 8X10 photo to indicate the date. However the album was received as a gift on Rise's 11th birthday in 1956 and the dates go up to about 1959. The album belonged to Rise Wagner. I scanned this in very high resolution (2400 dpi) but blogger wouldn't accept it. Then I scanned in 1200 dpi and blogger wouldn't accept it either. So if you find this 600 dpi resolution not good enough to print an 8X10 email me and I can send you the higher resolution. The original photo is an 8X10

There are a few names on the back: Kathy L. Crawford, Marilyn E. Goetz, Betty J. Hassler, Rose Marie Bylina, and Eileen Hurt. 

I found a newspaper article of this photo. They were the West Wyomissing Intermediate Girls' softball team, they won the county championship.

Front row left to right: Eileen Ernst,Frances Popp,Joyce Sheetz, Eileen Gehr, and Coach Chris Turnbull.
2nd row: Kathy Crawford, Betty Hassler, Carol Weinman, Risa (sic) Wagner, and manager Carol Cooley.
Back row: Rose Mary Bylina, Joyce Gring, Marilyn Geltz (sic), and Carol DeWald.

Emerson Album Portland More Photos

Here are a few more photos from the Emerson album. There is one photo that wasn't taken in Portland or anywhere else in Maine unless it's warm in January and there are coconuts.

I get the sense that the person who put this album together was upper middle class from the time. It was the depression but they had cars, the women seemed to go to college, they traveled some.

On the back is written: "Aint this cute. Breaking open a coconut. Jan 4, 1933"

On the back: 'Hal had his hands on Lil's shoulder. Cute kid eh." Looking at the photo in light I found a few names written with pencil. The young man in front, who looks like he's biting an apple says Kid. The man with suspenders is Hal.

Only writing is what you see. Maybe someone knows what kind of car.

Same group as above but Hal and Kid seem missing.

Emerson Album's Portland Photos

I may have found a connection to at least one of the names in this album, and in less than 6 degrees of separation. I always post a link to this blog on Facebook. Mary MacCubbin Holcomb Jones is originally from Maine but moved to the same town in Western New York where I grew up. We are friends on Facebook. She is related to a Verrill family from Maine. So I'm going to try and get a lot of the photos from this album uploaded so her Verrill cousins can see if they recognize anyone. Where is Higgins Beach?

I think the woman was the album owner, is the man Billy Verrill?

I think "Me" is the album's original owner. Does this porch or house look familiar?

Is Scott Hamlin related to the Verrills?

The woman sitting on the ground is the person who I think put this album together.

West Wyomissing, PA 1956

These 2 photos are from a scrapbook I bought in December 2012 on Ebay. I recently located who made the scrapbook but sadly she was deceased. I've located her son and am sending the album to him. I wanted to post the class and group photos from the album so others can make copies if they are in the photos.

These two photos are labeled Poppy Day, May 24, 1956. There's another set of two photos labeled May 25, 1956. I will post those tomorrow. There are no names on the back of the photos.

The photos are from a small Pennsylvania town named West Wyomissing. The album belonged to Rise Wagner.