Monday, March 16, 2015

Walter and Olga Buescher, Ferguson, MO

I purchased a group of photos on line from Goodwill Industries. These photos appear to belong to one family, unlike many of the photos I buy on eBay. The photographer/photo developer is Edward A. Zoff in Washington, MO. Only one photo has names on the back, it is a wedding photo. It is in very fragile condition. I would guess the wedding date was probably early 1920's. The groom is Walter Buescher, the bride Olga Ackmann Buescher. 

I found a 1962 newspaper story about a car accident in which Walter was killed and his wife injured. 

I hope this family can reclaim their photos.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Zwally,Simmons, and Edwards: Probably Lancaster County, PA Area

These photos came from the same eBay batch as the Schindehutte photos. Some of the photos were developed in Elizabethtown, PA.

The names are Cora Zwally, Jimmie and Barbara Edwards, and Bobby simmons. None of the writing on the back is in the same handwriting. I found a 2009 obituary for Cora Zwally, who died in Ephrata. PA in 2009. It will be pretty easy for me to locate her survivors, with their unusual last name. The photos of the children will however be harder as the names are common surnames.

Cora Zwally

Bobby Simmons

Jimmie and Barbara Edwards
March 1949

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Walter Snook, 1931, Pennsylvania/Returned

This photo is from the same batch as the Schindehutte photos. I bought the batch on eBay, they come from Pennsylvania. Some of the photos in the grouping were developed in Elizabethtown. This photo is labeled Walter Snook, August 1931.

3 January, 2017: This photo has been returned to a granddaughter of Walter Snook.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Schindehutte in Pennsylvania

The first two photos are together, the other two are from the same batch of photos I bought on eBay. They may or may not be related to the people in the other two photos. The photos came from Pennsylvania. Some of the photos in the batch were developed in Elizabethtown, PA.

One photo, which seems to have been cut from a larger photo is labeled Elenor and George Schindehutte. Yes, Elenor is the spelling on the photo. I would guess it to be a 1940's photo. The photo of the man alone is labeled G. W Schindehutte. 

The photo of the 3 women is labeled "This was taken when Flora was up here."

The photo of the woman standing by the house is labeled "Jo's House (back) corner".

Edited 3/14/2015: George Schindehutte and his wife Eleanor had a daughter Georgianne, who I believe graduated from North Lebanon High School in PA in 1969. I would like to find her to return these photos. She seems registered at classmates but of course they won't let me send a message to her unless I join.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Janice, Roosevelt H.S. 1954: Frank Czapla All Star Athlete McKinley H.S.

The following is information taken from a scrapbook I bought on eBay a year or more ago. There are no photos but many names. The scrapbook is called School Daze Memory Book. It belonged to Janice, who graduated from Roosevelt High School in 1954. She was a cheerleader and was captain in 1954. Her boyfriend’s name was Frank Czapla who was an all star football player at McKinley High School. He was King of the Prom. Prom was on May 29, 1954, which was also Janice’s birthday. The Prom was held at the Biltmore Country Cub.

Some of her friend’s names: Joyce Reinhardt, Marianne Hack, Marvleen Yvonne Wallace, Phillip Sabin, Bill Lawson, Barbara Noll, Carol Sagan, Judy Snyder, Belva Schneider and Eugenia Henke.

She had an uncle named Bill, aunt named Sis, and 3 cousins: Marilyn, Jimmy and Jesse.

Her boyfriend Frank Czapla went on to have quite a sports career as I learned here. From his information I learned the schools were in Saint Louis. Frank did marry Janice. So, this should be an easy scrapbook to return.

Update: 29 May 2015: I thought with the surname Czapla this would be an easy item to return but it isn't. Janice Stratmann Czapla and Frank Czapla are both deceased. They had 2 children, a daughter Jill and a son Marc. Marc married a Jill so there are two Jill Czapla's. I have been in touch with several but none are her. I haven't heard back from any of the Marc Czapla's I contacted. So, I am looking for Jill Czapla Walsh and Marc Czapla, whose wife is also named Jill.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

N. George Atkinson 1957

This is a photo of two men in a plane, back when passengers could smoke. One man is identified as N. George Atkinson. It was taken 7500 feet over Atlanta, GA on trip to Birmingham, AL in September 1957.

Kishbaugh Christmas 1954

This is a photo card from a random lot. It is dated 1954. There is no other information.

Becker, Oehore, Getz, and Todd Families

These six photos were in a random collection of photos I bought from an antique dealer in California. The photos could be from anywhere, however. They are 5X7 professionally printed photos like you would get at a photography studio. All have names on the back so I have some hope they can be returned. The names are spelled the way they are on the photos. Delorse seems an odd way to spell what I assume is Delores or Dolores but that is the spelling. The surname Oehore is hard to make out, it definitely starts with Oeh but the last 3 letters are hard to make out. The children's photo is labeled Bobbie, Shirley, Betty in that order but I'm quite sure the child on the right is a boy and named Bobbie.

Based on clothing and hair styles I'm guessing these photos are the late 1940's to mid 1950's.

Delorse and Gene Oehore, Divorced

Uncle Edwin, Aunt Polly, John & Betty Todd

John and Betty Todd

John, Betty, and Barry Todd
Lester and Vernon Getz
Bobbie, Shirley, Betty

Gladys and Leon Becker

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Gladys Nasshorn, Masten Lake 1936

At last, a photo from a random lot with enough information to possibly identify the person and return it to her or her family. This is a photo of Gladys Nasshorn taken at Masten Lake on September 4, 1936. Masten Lakes is in Sullivan County, New York, in the Catskills.

Edited to add: I find her in the 1940 census, parents are Henry and Gussie, brothers Nat, Dave, Gerald. She is 19 in the 1940 census and lives in New York, New York.

Mother's Day 1954

I really want to get this returned to its owner. It is a homemade card, made in Sunday School for Mother's Day 1954. The little boy is 6 years old in the photo. Again, from an unknown collection.

We have a little over 2 months to return this for Mother's Day 2015.

LaPine and David, 1967

This is from an unknown collection, it's a photo of a young boy with a grandma looking aged woman. On the back it says "To Uncle Don and Uncle Bill, "Mom" LaPine and David, 1967,

Albert: St. John's Lutheran Church, Williamstown: Easter 1952

This photo is from an unknown collection. It is labelled St. John's Lutheran Church. On the back it says Albert, Easter 1952, St. John's Williamstown. I assume this is the St. John's in Williamstown, New Jersey but maybe there are other towns with that name and a St. John's Lutheran Church.

Edited to add: this photo has been mailed to the church.

August 5 1956: Aunt Lydia Connection

This is a photo of  an old couple on what may be their wedding anniversary, judging by the flowers. It is dated August 5, 1956 on the back. If it's a 50th wedding anniversary that would make the wedding date August 5, 1906. The only other writing says "Just got this today from Aunt Lydia. Mom"

Saundra Lee, Walter Ray 1943

This photo is from an unknown collection. It is of a little girl, Saundra Lee, age 3 years, and Walter Ray, age 4 months, taken in 1953. I will include the back of the photo in case the writing looks familiar to anyone. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

June and Ina 1940

This is labeled June and Ina, 1940. Taken at Latuf  or Latif, hard to make out. It is from an unknown collection.

Sis at Bear Creek Canyon, July 1951

This is a photo from an unknown source. It is labeled Sis, Bear Creek, with the initials V. S.  On the back it says Near Evergreen, Colo in Bear Creek Canyon. Sunday picnic, July 1951. Not much to go on but maybe someone will recognize it.

Edited to add I found a second photo, same as the one posted but on the back it identifies the woman as Ruth, "as she was about to fall in the water".