Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Blog Purpose

I have in my possession hundreds of photos of people and places without names. Some come from my paternal great grandfather's album, my paternal great uncle's album, my Dad's album, albums I've bought on ebay, and random photos I've bought at antique stores. I would like these photos to be identified and when possible returned to family members.To do this these photos will need lots of exposure so please share this blog with your friends. I will be using as many tags as I know for the photos.

I was able to return an entire album once to an elderly lady in southern Iowa. I bought it on ebay, from an antique dealer in Missouri. The album had been put out by accident when she had a farm auction after the death of her husband. There were photos of their marriage, first baby, and hundreds of other photos. She was so glad to get the album returned to her.

I have a strong belief that photos belong to families. I hate when I see photos for sale in antique stores. This is the reason I like to see photos returned to the families they belong to.