Sunday, February 24, 2019

Emerson Album: Some Random Photos

Willard is misspelled. Willard Beach is in Portland, Maine.
Dec 20, 1932. Nelson is the one with his mouth open, the other is Alex
Another photo taken at the Emerson House

Emerson Album List of Names

This is a list of all the names in the Emerson Album. I will try to list them in alphbetical order by first names. There is one unnamed photo of a man at Ohio State. Several of the women were art students in a college in a city, possibly Boston or NYC, there are many photos of beaches in Maine,  and summers seemed to have been spent at an Emerson House or Emerson Dorms.





Billy Van Hoewyk

Billy Verril

Bob Hatch

Bob Rigby

Clifford Willingham


Dr. Wright






George Evans



Joe Huber

Josiah Tubby: newspaper clipping with Lillian Welch, seems to be late 1940's

Lillian Welch: newspaper clipping, the Hayloft on Congress Street, seems to be late 1940's

Lou Wells






Nora (Aunt)


Rita: many photos



Sally: taken in Pinehurst, N.C. 1935

Scott Hamlin





Emerson Album: York Harbor 1936: Van Hoewyk, Scotty, Ralph, Bob Rigby, Lou Wells, George Evans

More photos from the Emerson album, two are labeled 1936.


Emerson Album: Marshall House, Rita, Joe Huber, Haverhill

The Marshall House photo, taken in 1934, is in York, Maine. Rita, who is in many photos is dark haired, probably in her early 20's. The man in the uniform is probably her father, the uniform appears to be that of a train conductor but possibly a police officer or firefighter. Joe's last name is hard to decipher, I think it's Huber.


Emerson Album, 1936: Van Hoewyk, Grover, Red Fox, Faith Croseman, Fran Dona

These are yet more photos from the Emerson album, the name chosen because many of the photos are taken at a place sometimes called the Emerson House, sometimes the Emerson Dorm. I believe this house is in either the York, Maine area or Haverhill MA/NH area.

There are several photos of a Billy Van Hoewyk. I find a William Van Hoewyk who lived in Brockton, MA, he was born in 1905 and died in 1977, putting him in the right age range. Other people in the photos include a Phil Grover, Red Fox, Faith Croseman, and a Fran DonaXXX (can't read last 3 letters). These particular photos were taken in 1936 and are very small, 2" X 3".

Please put Emerson in the search box to see other photos from this album.




Friday, February 22, 2019

Trips I Made 1927, 1928, 1929: F.K.B., A.F.H.

This is an album I bought many years ago on ebay. It is very unusual in that whoever compiled the album was very artistic and has drawn various designs on many of the pages. Today that person would no doubt be a serious Creative Memories scrapbooker. It's an album of vacations and road trips. There is not a single name in the entire album, sad to say. I would guess the people were upper middle class given the trips were taken in the late 1920's and included a variety of locations and many photos.

The only clue is there is a piece of birchbark on which there is a heart and two sets of intials: F. K. B. and A.F. H. The birchbark is dated 5/11/1927 to 5/15/1927.

I do see a photo that says: "The Romantic Chandler - Oyster Bay Fame" so maybe Chandler is the last name of the woman in the photo.

The album cover is embossed with the title "Trips I Made". The last page has a drawing "To be continued."

Trips: Great Falls, Va  May 14, 1927

Scenes along the highway from Wash, D.C. to W. Va   May 16, 17, 1927

New Jersey, Budd Lake, Rockaway Lake  May 18, 1927

Along the Bronx River Parkway and Kensico Dam May and June 1927

Liberty, Watkins Glen, Walton, NY  July 1, 2, 3, and 4 , 1927

Albany, Montreal, Springfield (VT)   September 2 to 7th, 1927

Boyd's Dam   May 14, 1928

Chester, VT, Holyoke, MA   Memorial Day 1928

1,000 Islands, Niagara Falls, Letchworth, Rondaks, Blue Ridge, Florries Knob, Poconos  July 7 to 23, 1928

Conn, Mass, N.H., ME, VT, NY   September 1 - 9, 1928

Atlantic City, NJ Feb 22 - 25, 1928

Groton Reservoir   March 25, 1929

Greenwood Lake, NJ   July 21, 1929

Wading River, Long Island   August 18, 1929

Lake Ronkonkoma   September 2, 1929

EDITED: I don't know how I missed seeing this on the 1st page of this album: "Florence and Milly v.s. the B.Fs."  So, it appears the women on the trips are Florence and Milly. Florence could be the F.K.B. initials on the birchbark.


Thursday, February 21, 2019

Missionaries to China, Probably from Kentucky

These are three small photos taken in China, probably in the 1920's. They were with the Asher/Slusher/Howard/Dickson photos from the area of Pineville, KY so assume they were sent to or by a member of one of these families.

The photo of the children says on the back: "Some of the kindergarten children. Some of the girls in our school take the normal course and learn to teach the little children."

A photo labeled "street in China" on the front says on the back:"for Matt, camels in the streets in Peking."

The last photo is of a group of adults labeled "a group at Liling out for a picnic." Liling is in Hunan Province.