Sunday, June 24, 2018

1902 U.S.Torpedo Detroyer Stewart: William J. Parslow

This is an invitation to the launching on 10 May, 1902 of the U.S. Torpedo Destroyer Stewart at Morris Heights-on-Harlem. There is a  pass to take the train from Grand Central Station or the 125th Street Station to the launching. There is a tintype of 7 men, I have no idea who they are. The invitation is in an envelope addressed to a Wi? I. J. Parslow or Panlow (? spelling) . I think this might be William J. Parslow. In fact, I'm fairly certain it is as I find William J. Parslow was Vice President, later President, of Consolidated Shipbuilding Corporation, which had previously been Gas Engine & Power and Charles L. Seabury Company.

This comes from my father's papers. During WWII he and my mother both worked at Consolidated Ship Yard in the Bronx, both in the office. The Stewart was built by the Gas Engine & Power Company, and Charles L. Seabury & Company.

I would be interested in who the men are in the tintype. William J. Parslow died in 1934. The tintype may be of his father and his contemporaries. It was in with the invitation but I don't know the origin.

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Scrapbook Returned to Iowa Woman

I have been looking for this story to post here. I am hoping it will reassure those people who think, when I contact them, that I am looking to sell items back to owners or that I have a scam. This is the story of the first scrapbook I returned to an owner.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Lois Jean McMannus, Born 1948, Ohio/ Update

Update: I heard from Lois' brother today, I had sent him a message on Ancestry. The baby book will be going back to Lois.

I have been away from my blog way too long but, to be honest, when you try to find people to return photos or albums they view you as a scammer so I stopped for awhile. My only interest is in returning photos to the families they belong to. I am a genealogist and I would be thrilled to death if someone had photos from my family and they went to some trouble to find me.

I bought this baby book in 2007 or 2008, on ebay. I posted on several message boards on rootsweb and Ancestry, never received a reply. I got the book out yesterday. This time I located an obituary for the mother, she only died in 2015. She put a lot of love into this baby book, I have never seen a 1940's baby book with this much information. She journaled month by month.There are lots of photos and there's even good genealogical information. It would be a shame to have to get rid of this book but when I die I can assure you my kids won't be trying to locate the owners.

Lois Jean McMannus was born on June 21, 1948 in White Cross Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. Her parents were Lloyd and Eleanor Pfefferle McMannus, they lived in Worthington, Ohio. In the book is a baby announcement from 1970 for a Heather Denise Johnson, born September 23, 1970 in Fort Riley, Kansas to Lois and Tim Johnson. It is in an envelope addressed to Mrs. Lamar F. Bierly in Worthington, Ohio. I believe Lois Johnson is Lois McMannus, and Mrs. Lamar F. Bierly is her mother who compiled the book. She had a second marriage, I surmise.

I would really like this book returned to Lois, or if she is deceased, to her daughter Heather.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Why I Do This Blog

I am going to be returning to this blog but I don't want my introduction to be on my new genealogy blog so I'm moving it here as a post.

I have always loved photos, which led me to become a scrapbooker. I’ve been curious as to how photos become separated from the person or family they belong to. I have collected quite a large collection over the years of photos that either don't belong to me, or photos that do belong to me but I don't know the identities of the people in the photos. I have bought several albums on ebay, with the purpose of locating the proper owners to return the albums. I've returned three so far: one to IA, one to PA, and just last week one to NJ. I have never asked to be reimbursed for the albums I buy. Most have run about $50 plus postage. Postage to return the albums is generally around $15 to $20. Now that I am living on a fixed income I am having to decrease what I spend on this hobby. If anyone cares to reimburse me the postage I appreciate it but if it can't be reimbursed I still return the album.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Fort Knox, Wilder, and Covington, KY: SFC Julian

There is one photo of a Sergeant First Class Julian in the album. The hard part in searching for someone with the last name Julian is that it is more commonly a first name so a search engine pulls up too many names. I assume this SFC Julian was stationed with Ed Fleming at some point. But maybe someone will know who this is and through him we can locate soldier Fleming to return his photos.

Fort Knox, Wilder, and Covington, KY: Fleming's Military Duty

The following photos are military photos. Again, to have an idea who the soldier is go here: Soldiers  Of these three soldiers Fleming seems to be the one whose photos are throughout the album. You can see other photos by reading all the blog entries that start with Fort Knox, Wilder, and Covington, KY.

The earliest military photo in the album is dated November 1960, and they go through 1965. Fleming was an enlisted member. There is one photo of him with a sign behind him that says 4th platoon but nothing about what battalion or anything else that would help identify him or his unit. He is wearing a wedding ring but there are no photos of his wedding. There are photos of what look like either medics (enlisted, the Army equivalent of Navy corspmen) or medical techs of some sort. They look like they might be working on grinding lenses or making dental implants. One photo has two women in white uniforms. They are not military nurses as they are not wearing their rank on their collars. They don’t have name tags or anything identifying. I think they are civilian techs or aides. I hope others can see some clues here that I am missing.

Does this base look familiar to anyone?

To me this looks like a lab where you might make dental implants or possibly eye glass lenses. 

Does this base look familiar to anyone?

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Notice the cadeceus symbol on the uniforms. 

Fort Knox, Wilder, and Covington, KY: Soldier Fleming's Wife

There must be pages that were removed from this album. After the 1956 trip to Versailles, Indiana and the undated wedding in an unknown place are a few pages of military photos dated between November, 1960 and November, 1965. The soldier that I believe is Ed Fleming appears to have married but there are no wedding photos. There are a few photos of Ed and his wife with a young boy but they appear to have been taken on only one occasion, there are no other photos with this child. Here are some photos of the soldier with his wife, or I presume she is his wife. There are many photos covering many years.

Please refer back to previous blog entries that start with the title Fort Knox to get more history.

This photo was taken at the wedding after the December 1956 visit to Indiana

There are several photos taken at this event.
Looks like military post housing.
In the hospital, maybe to have a baby?
At Niagara Falls
At Niagara Falls
This photo is on the same page as the above photo. I don’t think the little boy is their son as he isn’t anywhere else in the album.