Saturday, February 25, 2017

Why I Do This Blog

I am going to be returning to this blog but I don't want my introduction to be on my new genealogy blog so I'm moving it here as a post.

I have always loved photos, which led me to become a scrapbooker. I’ve been curious as to how photos become separated from the person or family they belong to. I have collected quite a large collection over the years of photos that either don't belong to me, or photos that do belong to me but I don't know the identities of the people in the photos. I have bought several albums on ebay, with the purpose of locating the proper owners to return the albums. I've returned three so far: one to IA, one to PA, and just last week one to NJ. I have never asked to be reimbursed for the albums I buy. Most have run about $50 plus postage. Postage to return the albums is generally around $15 to $20. Now that I am living on a fixed income I am having to decrease what I spend on this hobby. If anyone cares to reimburse me the postage I appreciate it but if it can't be reimbursed I still return the album.