Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Central PA: More Photos to Bob

These photos seem to be from students who didn't graduated in 1954, based on how they signed the photos. They were with the photos from HERE. Only one is addressed to Bob but I think they all belonged to Bob. Doris appears to be the same girl, with a photo from 1955 and 1956. One girl included her last name of Nye.

17 years, Spring 56, Doris

Ruth Nye
16 years, Nov 55, Doris

Central PA: 1954 Senior Photos to Bob

These photos are from a collection I bought from Reading, PA on eBay. They are high school senior photos, all addressed to Bob. My guess is that Bob graduated in 1954. He could have graduated later and these are the photos from seniors.

Lots of luck, Dick "54"
Lots of Luck, Phil "54"


From Tom
Bill, "54"
Dan "54"

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Nancy Album: Update on Laura R. Taylor

Update to the tombstone of Laura R. Taylor (GRAVE):  She died January 15, 1945. The January 15, 1946 issue of the Chester, PA newspaper had these two notices:

So we know she had a sister Anna. 

Nancy Album: Likely Berks County PA: More Names

A few more photos with names. Hazel's photo has the date July 1952 on the back.

This is another photo of Floss at a much younger age. She is standing in front of a house number 1029, the same house that Nancy, Frankie, and Doug are standing in front of HERE.

This is a photo of Mary and Rob, with Rob in a Navy uniform. He is an enlisted rate. Is Rob later known as Bob?

This last photo is of a man named Skip.

Nancy Album: Central PA: More Photos with Names

These three photos all have Bob in them. None have dates or last names.  Doug, the brother of Frank/Frankie and Nancy is in one of the photos. I don't know if Eleanor in the one photo is the same person as E.C. in an older photo.

Nancy Album:Central PA: Slater UPDATE

Refer to this POST for the photos of a woman named Slater.

Edited 10/1/2013: the 1940 federal census shows a Slater Page who is 13 y.o. and living with her parents Russel and Ida page in North East, PA. She has siblings Virginia, Haymond, and Robert. I looked at the original census form, the brother's name was definitely Haymond, not Raymond.

Nancy Album: Adams County,PA:Kime UPDATE

Refer to this POST for photo.

Update 9/30/2013: I found a Miriam Kime still in Biglerville. I sent her a letter with a copy of the photo to see if it's her.

Update: 11/9/2013: I heard back from the niece of the Miriam Kime I sent the letter to, this is not her photo.

Nancy Album: Central PA: McClain

This is a photo identified on the back as Dolores McClain, 1950. There do not seem to be any other labeled photos of her. I think she is more likely a friend of the family who had these photos rather than a family member.