Saturday, November 9, 2013

Wisconsin Children: Old

These two photos were in a box I purchased at an estate sale in Tomahawk, WI. The adult children of the couple who were deceased do not know who these children are. The couple had retired up here but were originally from the Marshfield, WI area.

Harold Machtan's photo says Glenbulla, Wis on the back. There is no town by that spelling but there is a Glenbeulah in Sheboygan County.

Clarence Wundrow, age 5 months, 21 lbs

Harold Machtan, Glenbulla (sic), Wis

Jean Black: 1945: San Antonio,TX

This photo is in the collection I purchased on eBay from a seller in Reading, PA. She gets her photos primarily in Berks and Lancaster Counties, PA. While it was in the box with Pennie Jo's photos I'm not sure there is any relationship to her. 

The photo is labeled Jean Black, August 1945, San Antonio, Texas. Was Jean from PA originally and living in San Antonio? Was she visiting there? I believe in 1945 San Antonio had an Army Air Corps base. She might have been a military wife or girlfriend.

Kline: Berks or Lancaster County, PA

This is an old photo, I'm going to guess turn of the century or at least pre 1930. This collection of photos was purchased on eBay from a seller in Reading, PA. She gets her photos primarily in Berks and Lancaster Counties, PA. While it was in the box with Penny Jo's photos I'm not sure there is any relationship to her. The back of the photo is labelled Grandpa and Grandma Kline.

Pennie Jo Update

I believe I have located Pennie Jo. She is on Facebook but I don't think is very active there as she only has 6 friends and no photo of herself. I located her family business and have sent an email there. Hopefully I will hear back and her photos will be on their way back to her. Having her date of birth is what made the search so easy.

11/8/2015: I never heard back from either the family business or any friends I contacted. I do not understand why people don't respond. If someone contacted me that they had old family photos of my family I'd be thrilled. I sometimes think people think I have an ulterior motive or am looking to sell the photos. Neither could be further from the truth. I simply believe photos should be returned to the person or family they belong to. I actually pay to obtain these photos and only once did I state I would appreciate being reimbursed for postage because a particular album was heavy.  There have been 3 or 4 times when I wasn't able to locate the person until after they had died. Twice it involved scrapbooks kept by the deceased when they were in school. I know they would have loved seeing their scrapbooks again. I would love to have Pennie Jo reunited with her photos before she dies but I'm not sure that will happen.

11/10/2015: Pennie Jo was located, through a friend of hers on Facebook, and did not want any of these photos back. In fact, she knew about them as she had discarded them after her mother's death. I wish she would have destroyed them since she didn't want them. I wasted time looking for her when I could have reunited photos with those who would have appreciated having their photos back. I also wish her family business had replied to my message when I let them know about the photos in 2013. Frankly, I think it was rude not to have replied. So, I have thrown away Pennie Jo's photos but have the photos of her classmates still available should they want them returned.

Pennie Jo: More Friends: Likely Lancaster County PA

I think Josephine might be a teacher, she looks older than the other students. I can't read her last name very well. It is Bechler, Beshler, or Beahler.

Helen wrote "Penny, A real cute girl who has a special friend named Glenn. Remember the fun we had at Mt. Gretna."

Janie wrote "Pen, A cute kid that lives on my street."

Jim "61"

Josephine Beshler, Bechler, or Beahler
No name

No name


Pennie Jo: School Classmates: Bainbridge PA

Some of her friends spell her name Penny, others Pennie. Her friend Barb wrote "To a real cute kid who keeps Bainbridge lively." Bainbridge is a town in Lancaster County, PA.  Her friend Judy wrote "Good luck with Gene." I assume Gene was a boyfriend.

Barb "60"


No name

Friday, November 8, 2013

Pennie Jo: High School Photos: Class of 1961

6 May 1958, 15th birthday
September 1958, 10th grade

Senior Year Book 1961, taken Oct 1960
12th Grade 1960-61

18th birthday

Pennie Jo

This collection of about 200 photos will be labelled Pennie Jo, as there is a set of school photos through the years of her. She was born in 1943 (exact date removed from here), probably in PA. The photos were taken in Lancaster, PA; Elizabethtown, PA; Hershey, PA; and a few other PA locations. There are also some old photos from France, and a few from Egypt.

This looks like a proof
8th Birthday, 1951
Taken by Photograph Studio Hager & Bro, Lancaster, PA

Monday, November 4, 2013

LA Collection: Grinnell College 1940

This photo comes from the collection bought from someone in Los Angeles. There are no names other then Mother-Son-Dad. It was taken on graduation day at Grinnell College, June 10, 1940. Grinnell is a small, private liberal arts college, with an excellent reputation, in Iowa. Students come from all over the country so this family could be from any state.

LA Collection: Carrie Shiba

This photo of a very pretty little girl comes from the Los Angeles collection but the photo could be from any state.

Carrie Shiba

LA Collection: Set 1

I bought a small collection of photos from an eBay seller in Los Angeles. He buys photos at garage and estate sales. The photos in this collection are from a mix of different sales, and some of the photos are from areas other than L.A. I have no reason to think any individual photo is related to any other in the collection. Some have names, most do not. So it will be challenging to get any of these photos returned to their rightful owners.

Florence and Ken Quinn at the Ledges

Donna Chaffey

Scott Paul Franklin, 2 years old

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Oliva, Anna Martin: Central PA: Probably 1950's

This photo comes from the same collection as the previously posted school photos, and the photos of Doris Herr from age 4 through high school. Those photos are most likely from Lancaster County, PA. The photos were bought by me from a seller in Berks County, PA. At first I thought the names on this photo were Olivo and Anna Martin I think it's Oliva. There are 2 older women, 1 older man, and 1 little boy in the photo.

To Bob: 3 More Senior Photos: ? J. P. McCaskey H.S.

I think these are the last three senior class photos from this particular set of photos. They are each addressed to Bob, and all signatures include the number 54, which I'm guessing is the class of 1954. From some searching I've done regarding all these photos I think the high school might be J. P. McCaskey H.S. in Lancaster, PA.

More School Photos: Possibly Lancaster County, PA: 1950's

The high school might be J. P.McCraskey in Lancaster, PA. These 2 particular photos are small in size so they are probably not their senior photos. They were together with senior photos that were autographed to Bob.

Ernest wrote on the back: "Doris Herr loves Ernie Christman".  See Doris here's photos HereMore, and Also here.

Ernest Christman


Louisa Enderbrock Cummings, Probably Central PA

This is a very old photo, it is printed on thin, poor quality paper. If I had to guess a time frame it would be pre-WWII.  It comes from a box I bought on eBay from a member who lives in Reading, PA. The woman's name is Louisa Cummings, with a note that her maiden name is Enderbrock. It would be great if her family could have this photo returned to them.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Doris, Born about 1939, 2 More Photos

Here are the last two photos I have of Doris. At least I think they are the last two, I might find more as there are over 200 photos in this collection.

13 years old, 1952

14 years old

Doris, Born about 1939: Central PA

These are a series of photos of a girl named Doris from age 3 through high school. I realized when I found these that I had already posted two photos of her HERE. She might be Bob's sister, or maybe a cousin.  The photo of her at age 3 says it was taken at Rohrerstown, which is in Lancaster County, PA.

UPDATE: Through I believe Doris' parents were C. Mylin Herr and Kathryn H. Rohrer HerrHer surname now is Myers. 

Taken on 2/21/1943 in Rohrerstown. It says 4 y.o. but then someone wrote 3 years old over it. On the bag it says "Who is sitting inside the kitchen window."
7 years old, 1946

5 years old                                                   
8 years old, 1947

12 years old, 1951. Doris R. Herr (or Verr)