Saturday, September 12, 2015

Fort Knox, Wilder, and Covington, KY: Fleming's Military Duty

The following photos are military photos. Again, to have an idea who the soldier is go here: Soldiers  Of these three soldiers Fleming seems to be the one whose photos are throughout the album. You can see other photos by reading all the blog entries that start with Fort Knox, Wilder, and Covington, KY.

The earliest military photo in the album is dated November 1960, and they go through 1965. Fleming was an enlisted member. There is one photo of him with a sign behind him that says 4th platoon but nothing about what battalion or anything else that would help identify him or his unit. He is wearing a wedding ring but there are no photos of his wedding. There are photos of what look like either medics (enlisted, the Army equivalent of Navy corspmen) or medical techs of some sort. They look like they might be working on grinding lenses or making dental implants. One photo has two women in white uniforms. They are not military nurses as they are not wearing their rank on their collars. They don’t have name tags or anything identifying. I think they are civilian techs or aides. I hope others can see some clues here that I am missing.

Does this base look familiar to anyone?

To me this looks like a lab where you might make dental implants or possibly eye glass lenses. 

Does this base look familiar to anyone?

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Notice the cadeceus symbol on the uniforms. 

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