Saturday, September 12, 2015

Fort Knox, Wilder, and Covington, KY: Soldier Fleming's Wife

There must be pages that were removed from this album. After the 1956 trip to Versailles, Indiana and the undated wedding in an unknown place are a few pages of military photos dated between November, 1960 and November, 1965. The soldier that I believe is Ed Fleming appears to have married but there are no wedding photos. There are a few photos of Ed and his wife with a young boy but they appear to have been taken on only one occasion, there are no other photos with this child. Here are some photos of the soldier with his wife, or I presume she is his wife. There are many photos covering many years.

Please refer back to previous blog entries that start with the title Fort Knox to get more history.

This photo was taken at the wedding after the December 1956 visit to Indiana

There are several photos taken at this event.
Looks like military post housing.
In the hospital, maybe to have a baby?
At Niagara Falls
At Niagara Falls
This photo is on the same page as the above photo. I don’t think the little boy is their son as he isn’t anywhere else in the album. 

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