Friday, September 11, 2015

Fort Knox, Wilder, and Covington KY Album: Miami Beach Trip Nov 1956

These photos come from an album I bought on eBay several years ago. The album is not in good shape, it was probably not intended to be used as a photo album, the paper is non archival, thin white paper. The photos are taped in place with scotch tape. So far I only found one photo with writing on the back. I am calling this the Fort Knox album as several of the photos are of a soldier who went through basic at Fort Knox. The only other identifying place names I can find is a Wilder Volunteer Fire Department, and a soldier who lived at 2237 Madison Ave, Covington, KY.  Wilder is in Kentucky.

Refer to this post, Soldiers, from 2013 for a photo of 3 soldiers, whose last names are Fleming, Harrison, and Kovach.

I normally never ask for reimbursement but this album is heavy so if I can find the family it belongs to I would appreciate being reimbursed for postage to return it. This wasn’t a problem when I worked but I am retired now and my discretionary income is non existent.

Here are a few of many photos taken on a vacation to Miami Beach in November 1956, although a few are labeled November 1957. It looks like 
they either rented a furnished cottage or visited family or friends.

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